Enviromental Conservation

Within our farms, known as place of cool breeze, we have been furthering our sustainability by preventing soil erosion through the targeted planting of native trees along key water catchment and flow areas.


We offer various support to local Communities during funerals and other cultural celebrations through the provision of free Water, Firewood and poles.

Un-matched Quality Tea

Tea Being a largely consumed beverage, production standards is a keen factor to maintaining quality Tea. This cannot be done without care and precision that run from Plucking to Packaging.  We take pride in our staff providing housing, Healthcare as well as accessible schooling within the farm.

Our Mission is to ensure production, processing and marketing of quality tea to Kenya and the world with emphasis on environmental conservation, social responsibility, and applying latest technology.

We have set aside land for 2 secondary schools and one primary school situated within the Company land. We also provide direct Education for Workers children through full facilitation of 3 Primary Schools and 4 Nursery Schools. In addition, three Secondary Schools within the Companies neighborhood are supported through various Donations.

Our Lady of Peace Girls

Secondary school

Nandi Hills Academy

Primary School

Kabote Adventist Girls

Secondary school

Taito Primary

Mixed School

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